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First-Timers and Beginners: Hitting the Slopes

If you’re a first-timer or a beginner looking to experience the joy of skiing or snowboarding, you’ve come to the right place. Perisher is Australia’s largest ski resort, offering a variety of slopes and facilities that cater to all skill levels, especially those new to the sport. In this blog, we’ll guide you to the safest areas on the slopes for first-timers and beginners.  

Perisher Resort consist of four different resorts, Perisher, Blue Cow, Smiggin and Guthega, each offering slopes suitable for beginners. Guthega being a little more challenging for those beginners. Once you have a little experience and confidence, you’ll be able to adventure across all four resorts. What the different resort have the offer:

Perisher Valley

  • Front Valley: This area has a dedicated beginner section with easy slopes and beginner-friendly lifts ranging from the Magic Carpet and T-Bars to the Village 8 Express Chairlift. This gives you a great concept in learning to ride all types of lifts, slopes with big open spaces and is close to amenities, outdoor seating areas and plenty of dining options, making it convenient for breaks.
  • Perisher Quad Express: This chair lift isn’t primarily for beginner riders however it does allow you access to certain areas of the mountain where you can enjoy as a beginner. The Quad Express has two stop stations; Mid Station and the very top of the mountain. If you ride the Quad Express to the Mid Station this will bring you to the top of the Happy Valley slopes.
  • Happy Valley: They are known for their gentle, wide open slopes with beautiful snow gums lining some of the trails. At the bottom of Happy Valley T-Bar there is an outdoor café to take a break and catch your breath. If you aren’t confident to get back to Front Valley from here, you can jump back on the Perisher Quad Express and enjoy the incredible view as the chair lift takes you to the top of the mountain and back down to Front Valley.
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Blue Cow

  • Blue Cow is accessible by Skitube, from the Perisher Terminal and is free of charge if you hold a valid lift pass.
  • Early Starter: Located near a the Blue Cow Terminal, the Easy Starter is a double chair lift with a slope that is great for those just starting out. It provides a shorter, wide, open space to practice and is easily accessible.
  • Easy Rider: This slope is ideal for beginners, offering a much longer but very gentle gradient that allows you to practice your turns and control at a comfortable pace. Easy Rider travels along underneath the Pleasant Valley Quad Chair.  


  • Smiggin is accessible by car or bus. There is a free shuttle that runs every 15 minutes and leaves from the Perisher bus stop and travels to and from the Smiggin bus stop.
  • Smiggin Beginner Area: Smiggin Holes is known for its beginner-family-friendly environment. The wide open gentle slopes are perfect for learning and there are excellent beginner facilities, including J-Bars and easy-to-use lifts.
  • Captain Cook: Another great option at Smiggin Holes. This slope offers a gentle ride and is a favourite among families and beginners.

Additional Tips for First-Timers

Lessons will Help

  • Skiing and snowboarding can be challenging, along with learning to ride the lifts. Perisher has many different types of lifts and all are a little different to embark on and disembark off, and can take time in learning the technique as they are different for skiers and snowboarders.

Follow the Rules

  • Always follow the ski resort’s safety guidelines and signs. Respect other skiers and snowboarders and stay within your skill level. Ski and ride with care.

Take Breaks

  • Don’t be afraid to take regular breaks. Skiing and snowboarding can be tiring, and breaks will help you stay refreshed and prevent fatigue. The mountain has many great places for a hot chocolate experience, so take the pit stop and reenergise.

Have Fun

  • Remember, skiing and snowboarding are all about having fun and enjoying the experience. Don’t stress about perfection and take it one step at a time.
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