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Perisher’s Best Hot Chocolates

Let’s be honest, when it comes to warm winter treats, the humble hot chocolate has to be our favourite. Perisher may be vast, but thankfully no matter where you are on the mountain, a brilliant hot chocolate is never far away. With so many options to choose from, let us show you in no particular order, the five best hot chocolates to enjoy on the mountain during your stay at The Stables Resort Perisher.

Brunellis – Perisher Valley

Situated in the Perisher Centre at the bottom of Front Valley, Brunellis is a Perisher institution and home to some of the best hot chocolates, coffee and small bites in the valley. Brunellis is a cosy hideaway with plenty of comfortable seating away from the bustle of the rest of the Perisher Centre. As it is just down the hill from The Stables Resort Perisher and 30 seconds from the Village 8 Chairlift, there is no better place to load up on hot chocolate before a big day on the hill. Our recommendation is to order a deluxe hot chocolate with cream and extra marshmallows, you won’t regret it.

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Mid Station – Perisher Valley

Halfway up the Perisher Quad Express chairlift and at the top of Happy Valley is Mid Station. Home to the “world-famous Hot Chocolate Happy Hour/s” hot chocolates at Mid Station are discounted before 10:30 am. Which makes it the perfect spot to rest the legs after morning laps of Happy Valley and Centre Valley. Given its convenient location on the mountain, Mid Station is also a great lunch option with a large food and drinks menu that caters to most guests.

Pretty Valley Kiosk – Pretty Valley

Home to perhaps the most deluxe hot chocolates in the Snowy Mountains, Pretty Valley Kiosk is an absolute must for all hot chocolate lovers staying at The Stables Resort Perisher. Situated at the bottom of the sun-drenched Pretty Valley Double Chair, Pretty Valley Kiosk brings a family-friendly party vibe to the mountain, with outdoor seating and classic tunes from the likes of ABBA, Kylie, Bon Jovi and more on constant rotation. They even have their own Spotify playlist, which you can listen to here. Pretty Valley hot chocolates are known for their decadence, served with a dose of whipped cream, marshmallows and even flakes and sprinkles if you’d like. Just watch out for the local Rosellas, they’ll have a go at your hot chocolate if they get the chance! If we could only have one hot chocolate on the mountain, this would be it.

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Cowpuccino Café – Blue Cow

Who said all hot chocolates were in Perisher Valley!? Conveniently located at station level in the Blue Cow Skitube building, Cowpuccino is a cosy hideaway with great views through the snow gums towards Mt Blue Cow and the Terminal Quad Chairlift. Another great option for a quick hot chocolate break to warm up between runs or as a start-of-day treat. An extra bonus for Epic Pass holders, up to a 15% discount on all food and beverages at Cowpuccino.

Basecamp Cafe – Guthega

Last, but certainly not least, is Basecamp Café. Home to one of the best views in the resort and the best hot chocolate in Guthega. Basecamp Café is hidden away in the Guthega Centre, below the Car Park Double Chairlift. The café balcony boasts superb views over the Guthega Dam towards Tate East Ridge and the NSW Main Range. The views alone make the long ski from The Stables Resort Perisher worth it. However, the delicious hot chocolate seals the deal, making Basecamp Café a must-do pitstop for our guests when riding Guthega.