Your Ultimate Guide for First-Time Visitors

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time visitor, we’re excited to help you prepare for an unforgettable experience at our beautiful alpine resort. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from what to pack, travel tips, lift passes and lessons. Don’t forget to have a read of our other blog “First-Timers and Beginners: Hitting the Slopes”. Let’s get started!

What to Bring

Packing for a snow-filled adventure can be a bit daunting, especially for first-timers. Here’s a checklist to ensure you have everything you need:


  • Warm Clothing: Layers are key! Bring thermal base layers, insulating mid-layers, and a waterproof and windproof outer layer.
  • Snow Gear: Don’t forget your waterproof ski/snowboard pants, jackets, gloves, beanie and neck warmer or scarf.
  • Ski or Snowboard Equipment: If you don’t your own equipment, don’t worry! You can rent skis, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets, outer gear and pretty much anything you’re missing at Perisher.
  • Goggles and Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun and snow glare.
  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm: The sun’s rays are stronger at higher altitudes, so protect your skin and lips.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Waterproof boots with good grip are essential for walking around the resort.

Travel Tips

Getting to Perisher and The Stables Resort Perisher is part of the adventure! Here are some tips to ensure a smooth journey:

By Car:

  • The resort is approximately a 5.5-hour drive from Sydney and a 7.5-hour drive from Melbourne.
  • Ensure your vehicle is equipped with snow chains, as they may be required during snowfall (if you have a 4WD, you are exempt from carrying chains)
  • NSW National Parks do not allow overnight parking in the resort. You can day park in Perisher, drop your luggage then head to the Ski Tube Terminal at Bullocks Flat which is about a 40 minute drive, pending road conditions.

By Perisher’s Ski-tube:

  • Perisher Ski-tube is Australia’s alpine railway and services from Bullocks Flat to Perisher and Blue Cow return, with plenty of free day and overnight parking at Bullocks Flat.
  • The Ski-tube is only a short 10 minute journey from Bullocks Flat to Perisher Valley and is the safest and quickest way to get to Perisher.
  • The ski-tube operates 7 days a week, however it does have luggage restrictions certain times of the day so be sure to check their timetable before planning your travel. For tickets and timetables click here.
  • Our resort staff will collect you from the Perisher Ski Tube Terminal and complete your over-snow journey to The Stables Resort Perisher.

By Public Transport:

  • Snowy Mountains Bus Service is available from Cooma to Jindabyne (via Berridale) and Jindabyne). Luggage restrictions apply, for tickets and timetables click here.
  • Alternatively, you would need to book a bus service or flight from major cities to get to Cooma, to then connect with the Snowy Mountains Bus Service.
  • Cooma Airport is the closest air field to the Snowy Mountains.

Over-snow Transfers:

  • Most of the lodges or resorts in Perisher Valley are accessible by walking and/or over-snow vehicles, as the public roads are closed during the winter months.
  • We are located 200 metres up hill from the Perisher Centre, however it can be a tough hike in thick fresh snow and challenging with luggage, therefore The Stables Resort Perisher have complementary over-snow services for our guests.

Lift Passes and Lessons

Lift Passes:

  • Purchase lift passes online in advance for the best rates click here.
  • Options include single-day, multi-day and season passes.
  • Lift passes provide access to all lifts and slopes at Perisher Resort, which covers 4 resorts in the one, Perisher; Smiggin; Blue Cow and Guthega.
  • You are unable to ski or ride the mountain unless you have a valid lift pass.


  • For beginners, we highly recommend booking lessons with Perisher’s ski and snowboard school.
  • Group and private lessons are available for all ages and skill levels.
  • Lessons are conducted at Perisher, Smiggin and Blue Cow.

Handy Tips for Beginners

Here are some additional tips to ensure you have a fantastic first-time experience on the snow:

  1. Stay Hydrated and Well-Fed: Keep your energy levels up with regular snacks and plenty of water.
  2. Take Breaks: Skiing and snowboarding can be tiring, so take regular breaks to rest and enjoy the spectacular scenery.
  3. Start Slow: Don’t rush to tackle advanced slopes. Take your time to build confidence and skills on the beginner slopes.
  4. Follow the Rules: Always follow the ski resort’s safety guidelines and signs. Respect other skiers and snowboarders.
  5. Dress Appropriately: Stay warm and dry by wearing appropriate clothing and gear. The weather is unpredictable and can change quickly.

It’s all about having fun, creating long lasting memories and enjoying the experience!